Joanna Young  |  Central New York Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I am a horse riding, marathon running, dog loving, bagpiping, kilt wearing, Harry Potter fan, percussion playing, vegetarian eating, hiking, swimming, biking, St. Patrick's Day nut, State Fair junkie, sugar-holic, early bird, social media nerd, star gazer, water-ride rider, Irish obsessed, camera toting, travel lover, joke telling, kind of gal.

I think some of the most amazing sounds are the soft whisper of snow as it hits the ground, and the peepers who live in my pond. My husband is pretty much the coolest guy I know, and my life wouldn't be complete without him. Pretty much the most amazing woman I've ever seen is Daenerys Targaryen. I mean, she's the mother of Dragons. How much cooler can you get then that??? I want her hair, but am too chicken to walk the bleach blonde path.


My home is my sanctuary. Waking up with the sound of a river flowing and the birds singing is every level of heaven. Simple and peaceful are the most apt descriptions. Here, even the manure smells good. Everyday I get to walk the trails with my dogs, and share the space with all manner of wildlife.

I think photography is amazing because it doesn't just make a picture; it can create a story and evoke an emotion. It's like amazing music; it can make you laugh, cry, or feel joy in your soul. My favorite moments as a photographer are when I am editing and I see special moments pop up on my screen that I know will move the viewer. I love working with new clients who always feel like old friends after a day of laughing together. I love that they stay in touch with me and I get to watch them through the years. I know someday I'll get over my compulsive lens and lighting equipment purchase, but that day hasn't  happened yet. 

I was born in Syracuse, New York right around Halloween (quite fitting, if you ask me). I grew up disappearing into the local park nearly everyday with my brother on crazy adventures. My horse obsession started in those early years. Most little girls outgrow that obsession, but I guess not all do. I started photography young, and it's another thing I never outgrew. I love photography, and it rocks my world. Hopefully my photography can rock yours, too. 

What Makes Me Different


Your wedding day should be all about being happy, having fun, and making some of the best memories of your life. I love to capture all of those moments. Weddings pictures should tell the whole story of your day. So many of the special moments are spontaneous. It's these moments that I love so much! 

I know it's such a wonderful feeling for my clients when their open their wedding galleries and they get to re-live all of the unexpected moments. These are very often the most popular images with guests. You know the ones: Grandma doing the "Macarana", Aunt Sarah going all out to get that coveted bouquet during the toss, the moment when the adorable flower girl helps the toddler ring bearer find his way down the aisle.... so many great memories! It's one of the many reasons that photographing weddings is so fun.


The charm on the bouquet; the "I Do" on the bottom of the shoes; the amazing centerpieces at the reception; the bride and groom gifts; the elaborate cake; the boutonniere...

So much has gone into planning your wedding day and making it YOURS. I am always amazed at the unique details that are at every wedding that I shoot. Those details are so important to you, and I make every effort to make sure that they are captured in your images to enjoy. I enjoy finding unique ways to shoot these details to make them "pop". 

I always make sure to budget in time pre-wedding and during the festivities to capture all of these special tokens of your day.



Photography? Well, it's all about the lighting. Any photographer can make perfect light look, well, perfect! However, what about those times when there isn't that amazing diffused sunlight or you're at an indoor venue?

A wedding photographer should always feel comfortable being a "natural light" photographer as well as an artist that creates their own light when none is available. However, not all photographers have the second tool in their box of skills. 

I love creating unique lighting in dark situations. I have the equipment and the experience to make sure every moment is amazingly captured. With creative lighting, ordinary images can be made extraordinary! This lighting is not the red-eyed nightmare that normal flashes create. My lighting creates amazingly lit images that will insure that you have stunning pictures.


I have a fun hobby. I like to look through wedding albums from decades ago. It's amazing how far wedding photographer has evolved!

When capturing your couple's pictures, I direct you into interacting with each other for more natural posing and expressions. Natural posing is so much more..... natural! (I know, I'm being redundant here). For so many years, all of the pictures were face forward and say "Cheese!" Yikes! I think we can all agree that we're happy that this has evolved.

That's not to say that some family portraits won't be posed a bit more traditionally ('cause, you know, some relatives want those to frame), but I want to make sure that I create a relaxed atmosphere, more natural relaxed poses,  and work with my couples to create some magical, not cookie cutter, images!


We've all seen it. The wedding photographer takes over the entire day and doesn't give the couple any breathing room to enjoy their day.

Boy, I am so the opposite of "that person". I am always being told that I blend into the events that I shoot. That is such a huge compliment, and quite frankly, considering I come armed with flashed and other not-so-subtle gear, it's amazing my clients feel that way. 

I will never drag you away every 20 minutes so that I can get, yet another, posed shot of you. I want you to enjoy your day, which means that we will work together before the wedding day and create a timeline that allows us to get both some amazing posed pictures, as well as ones that will make you say "When did she take that shot?". 


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